At Verolme we are extremely precise and qualified, we do understand the characteristics of each alloy. Our welders are specifically trained in handling and working with higher alloys. You can expect the utmost and we rather spend more time and get the job done best in class, then hurry and perform poorly. Besides securing parts and performing maintenance, they can train your crew, troubleshoot complex issues or evaluate your scrubber equipment and make expert recommendations. In port or at sea, our constant aim is to bring you peace of mind.


Scope of Services

OEM Scrubber building, Pipping & Spools, Modifications, Service & Preventive Inspections


State of art newly Build

Working with the typical scrubber alloys and thin walled equipment requires special tools and experience. Lifting and handling, tight tolerances and accurate welding with the right tools is a must for quality work. The correct application of all welding processes and material preparation will result in avoiding any corrosion in the harsh environment the scubbers will operate in.

Highest quality welds

Verolme has a Qualification code for Welding procedure: ISO 15614-1, level 2. We have integrated an inspection surveillance during welding and upon completion, performed by qualified and experience inspectors.

Inhouse Piping and Spools

Verolme has a vast experience building equipment and pipe spools in exotic / high corrosion resistant materials such as 254SMO; we can maintain the strict (on-time) delivery requirements and related supply chain challenges. Due to our experience with Turnarounds and Plant Stops in the Oil and Gas Industry, we understand how to manage and mitigate the risks related to just-on-time deliveries.

What makes us unique?

We are building scrubbers of different brands on separate locations. We know how to deal with the Intellectual Property of our Partners. Besides building we take care of product modifications on yards and on board. We are good at emergency repairs all over the world and our same expert people are taking care of preventive inspections as well. Verolme Services focusses on everything on and arround your Scrubber!


Verolme Special Equipment BV

Verolme® Special Equipment is a world leader in manufacturing high-end process equipment. Our core expertise is building state-of-the-art heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors in the high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion resistance area. Verolme® Special Equipment has been able to help customers in the oil & gas-, petrochemical, chemical, and polysilicon industries worldwide in more than 30 countries.Click Verolme


Sistercompany Schelde Exotech was founded in 1998, our history spans over half a century. Schelde Exotech arose through mergers of the following companies: AKF Goes, Schelde Boiler Division and Schelde MT-Products. The specific knowledge of these three companies enabled a wide range of customers to be established in the chemical and petrochemical industries, electrical power plants, uranium enrichment facilities and research institutes. Click Schelde Exotech


Sistercompany Logan Industries is a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company serving the marine, industrial, mill, dredging, steel and oil and gas industries. Based in Hempstead, Texas, Logan has five domestic service locations and two international service locations. Click Logan



Verolme Special Equipment has signed a joint partnership cooperation with Damen Shiprepair Harbour & Voyage (DSHV) for the provision of services to exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), widely known as Marine Scrubbers. The agreement arose from a mutual understanding that both parties’ clients were seeking wider availability of services for on board scrubber installations – either in port or underway. The partnership will create a leading global service provider of EGCS, supporting cleaner, emissions-reduced shipping worldwide and available 24/7.



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